On the sofa: Love And Other Drugs | 电影审查

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I got to see Love And Other Drugs which was a surprisingly adult (for Hollywood anyway) romantic comedy with a good ensemble of actors.  Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway give great performances but the real joy is supporting characters played by Hank Azaria as a corrupt doctor, Lilly Pharmaceuticals super-salesman Gabriel Macht and Oliver Plat as Gyllenhaal’s boss and mentor.

The sub-plot of the romance is set in the pharmaceutical sales environment of the US in the late 1990s and does for the the pharmaceutical industry what Glengarry Glen Ross did for the housing sector.

The film prominently features Pfizer and Lilly as an central part of the story in a way that I am sure they wouldn’t want to be portrayed including hard-ball pharmaceutical sales tactics and a Viagra-induced medical emergency.

I am not a rom-com watcher, but I would quite happily watch this film on DVD again.