A Starbucks perspective

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In central London Starbucks are as plentiful as traditional pubs used to be. I refuel there topping up my caffeine level, use them as a meeting venue for suppliers and as an initial rendezvous point to meet with friends. This is all very utilitarian and probably not the kind of third space that Starbucks likes to represent.
Starbucks OCT LOFT
Traveling changes my relationship with Starbucks. It becomes a haven from the information overload that surrounds me. It’s a space to mentally unwind, have some familiar food and check into the (usually free) wi-fi.
Starbucks OCT East, Shenzhen
It is an egalitarian version of the members clubs that used to dot the former British Empire and serves a similar purpose. I guess this is what they really mean by the third space.
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