P&G, Google and the modern man

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Whilst surfing the web looking for instructions on cooking, I came across Man Of The House, a site set up by digital agency Proximity for P&G who realised that when it came to women’s work in the house men tend to turn to Google to find out things like how to boil an egg, recipes or parenting advice.

Man Of The House addresses these and other pressing issues in an easy-to-understand non-patronising style and then makes the site with additional more masculine content on DIY, technology and a bit of style and grooming for the Men’s Health metrosexual brigade.

The website name did make me pause for a minute since it harks back to a view of masculinity that has been in decline since the late 1960s, it is now probably more a secret male aspiration rather than the reality in many cases – but I am sure P&G had focus-grouped the hell out of the name before rolling out the site.

Regardless P&G have done good with the site finding a unique content niche as a way to help build relationships and get on the radar of previously untargeted consumers.

All this got me thinking about Google. One of the great things that people don’t tend to realise about Google is that the search box isn’t just about search; but also a calculator, currency convertor, measurement convertor and world clock.

Given that there are all these men out there Googling domestic things I was surprised that Google didn’t have convertors for kitchen measurements like fluid ounces and tea spoons (or even more helpfully converting between US and UK kitchen measures). P&G obviously think that there is a market there it will be interesting to see if Google catches up?