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Augmented Reality – Layar Reality Browser

Asiajin » Japan Railway Enters GPS Based Location Game, Users Visit All Bullet Train Stations – JR comes up with a Foursquare-like application for Japanese train-spotters

Consultant Charlene Li on Technology and Open Leadership – Knowledge@Emory – great interview with Charlene Li pulling out some of the themes from her book Open Leadership

Will Technology Overshadow Politics in 2011? – Knowledge@Emory – technology going to make a far bigger impact on US domestic life than politics

MediaShift . Teens Turn to Social Coding to Protect Privacy on Social Nets | PBS – privacy in plain sight. Ultimately bad for brands as it will adversely affect insights

Do You Prefer Copyright or the Right to Talk in Private? | TorrentFreak

Quora for Business Not Allowed, But You Should Still Monitor and Respond « Web Strategy by Jeremiah Owyang | Social Media, Web Marketing

Logic+Emotion: The Six Pillars of Influence – interesting view on things by Edelman

Logic+Emotion: Your Social Media Followers Are Your Best Customers – supported by netpromoter data

Despite skeptics, Intel keeps rolling – 2011 will be major test

Is fab tool business model broken? – not terribly surprising given that fabs have become more expensive and the number of them have been in decline. Industry consolidation in their suppliers is inevitable

Solid-state quantum memory unveiled – Moore’s Law likely to roll on?

Right to Protest | Home | Right to protest – interesting that Birdmans have set up a specialism in protests to represents students etc

Facebook for fashion brands – it’s about more than the product | Social media agency London | FreshNetworks blog

China’s Economic Challenges for the Year Ahead | STRATFOR – really interesting economic data