Social backlash and what technology wants

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The Guardian had an interesting article about a backlash under way against social media. I can sympathise with some of the views expressed but I also see the futility of the backlash. Reading Kevin Kelly’s What Technology Wants highlights the fact that technology has its own momentum and often begats new technology to solve problems that the first technology created.

Don’t believe me? Think for a moment about television. At one time we had one channel and lived in the halcyon days of black and white, then we had commercial TV with sponsorship and advertising. More choice didn’t necessary mean compelling content so the remote control came along; later video recorders and Sky+ boxes allowed us to become our own programme directors as the abundance of mediocre content proved overwhelming.  Now we have the TV melding interactive, web and televisual content and so on.

As communications practitioners we need to be used to a world of change beyond adopting the social media platform of the moment.

Archived from blog posts I wrote for PR Week