Another five email lists worth joining | 推荐阅读

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A few weeks ago I put together a list of five email lists worth joining, well now here’s another five to join them:

Crosstalk – Actiontec is a provider of home networking equipment. Like most companies they keep an eye on what is happening in their sector, but unlike many companies they then share this with the world through the monthly Crosstalk newsletter.

Stratfor – Although Stratfor is technically a current affairs website, it is best consumed as email updates providing immediacy to the content often beating out major news sources.

trendcentral – is a free daily newsletter with content very much in the same vane as the PSFK blog. These well-crafted slivers of zeitgeist arrive in your blog once a day.

Netted – is a newsletter by the people behind the Webby’s they recommend a web site or web service each day making it ideal for the digital savvy marketer.

DailyLit – is a web service which serialises books. Originally these books were only delivered by email, but they now do them over RSS as well. Get to grip with the classics in bite-sized commuter-friendly without looking like a Kindle klutz on the Tube.