I like: WOGG 13 | 家具设计

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The Aram store in Covent Garden’s theatreland is a design lover’s paradise. One of the things that recently caught my eye was this compact computer desk | home office. Presumably this takes advantage of wireless technology to hid the printer, scanner and broadband modem.
Whilst I aspire to this kind of tech minimalism my own computer desk is a tower of tech resembling the angry innards of a data centre. It started out as an anonymous grey computer desk acquired from Costco in Liverpool; it has been extended upwards with a custom welded frame and painted marine ply shelving. It houses a laser printer, flat bed scanner, second monitor, the MacBook Pro, a fax machine, an answer phone, a Gundam, a conference phone, router, ethernet router, two external hard drives and an external CD-writer (all by LaCie) and an assortment of power supplies and cables to keep all this connected and running.