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Microsoft Incinerates ANOTHER $543 Million Online – whilst Windows bore up better than expected online is still a gaping sore for Microsoft and you have to wonder about Yahoo!

Learn to Code Epilogue: Best Practices and Additional Resources

Everything You Know About Fitness is a Lie | Men’s Journal

Beyond Amazon: How to Make Recommendations Smarter | Fast Company – really interesting ideas in contextual search

Question types in social Q&A sites by Harper, Wienberg, Logie and Konstan (University of Minnesota) – understanding the intent behind the questions is key for future classification systems

China’s Continuing Economic Policy Debate | STRATFOR – interesting piece on business lending in China and the rise of a bond market

Conspicuous Consumption Is Back – BusinessWeek

Pilot Program In Tianjin Offers Shares In Chinese Art, Solidifying Place As Investment Class « Jing Daily : The Business of Luxury and Culture in China – interesting that there are now investment funds in art

Rupert Hoogewerf: “Although China’s New Rich May Be Wealthy Or Powerful, They May Not Have Taste” « Jing Daily : The Business of Luxury and Culture in China – this isn’t a Chinese issue the same could be said of the new rich elsewhere

Learning science : Actively recalling information from memory beats elaborate study methods

Tickets now available by post | London International Ska Festival 2011 – oooh looking forward to seeing The Ska Flames and The Dub Pistols

Robert Popper – some funny surreal stuff here courtesy of our William

Bing Deal With Yahoo Isn’t Paying Off For Microsoft So Far – not terribly surprised, don’t think its paying off for Yahoo! either

Baidu: Beefing Presence Beyond China – Search Engine Watch (SEW) – Google should be worried

Academics urge EU bodies to reject ACTA | Pinsent Masons LLP – really interesting level of energy behind this, particularly while the MPAA is down for the count in Washington DC at the moment

Nokia Results: An Ovi Store Update | Forrester Blogs – interesting developing world, developed world split

25 Years of Digital Vandalism –

Communities Dominate Brands: Undesirable at Any Price? What happened to Nokia, who invented the smartphone – great post by Tomi Ahonen on the state of Nokia.

Klang Ultrasonic Speakers Beam Sound Right Where You Want It – Technabob – even if they don’t work as advertised, they look soooo good

Is Facebook making us sad? Stanford University research and Sherry Turkle’s new book Alone Together suggest that social networking may foster loneliness. – By Libby Copeland – Slate Magazine

Marketers Have Limited Social Media Understanding – admittedly this probably is a certain amount of coverage trolling by Alterian but some interesting data points none-the-less

Changing Online Behaviour By Generation « Ed Lee’s Blogging Me Blogging You

Schneier on Security: U.S. Strategy to Prevent Leaks is Leaked – the real elephant in the room is what it means for your average company

Film lobby seeks to regain status | Benton Foundation – struggling to find someone to run the Washington office

Renting Rather Than Buying in a Down Economy : The New Yorker – non-commitment trends also a post-consumer focus on experience