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How To Use Foursquare For Business

The Koch Brothers: Rage Against the Billionaires – WSJ – interesting move in the US

China Manufacturing: “We’re Bringing It Back Home.” : China Law Blog – interesting article on near-sourcing implies that manufacturing isn’t as fluid as the likes of McKinsey thinks it is for a lot of products

Leave the libraries alone. You don’t understand their value. | False Economy – Phillip Pullman on libraries

Prime Minister KAN’s Blog: “Opening up Japan,” “creating new bonds (kizuna),” and “a society with the least unhappiness” resonating with people in Davos – interesting how Prime Minister Kan is trying to engender a cultural change to have economic effects

Chinese, British Focus On High End In “Brand Desire” Survey « Jing Daily : The Business of Luxury and Culture in China – shows how green brands don’t resonate in the UK

Microsoft Rips Off Arcade Fire, Doesn’t Do a Very Good Job – AgencySpy – poor form

Japanese brands must adapt: News from – some interesting numbers in here shows the growth in Chinese firms

China’s Baidu plans to diversify by going social – interesting move in a competitive marketplace

Rivet – – Package Design Blog – blue collar energy drink

Bill Gates’ infographics section from annual letter – some nicely done things here

Kuwaiti blogger sued for bad review #BenihanaKUW | Econsultancy – fascinating Benihana Kuwait review case

Live Blogging Bing’s Future Of Search Event – I can’t but help think how can you have a future of search meeting without some big Google presence rather than just Matt Cutts?

Lionel Barber: The FT’s Five-Point Plan For Exploiting The Brand | paidContent – interesting stuff

Communities Dominate Brands: Paging Stats Police: Canalys jumped gun rather badly, Android is NOT yet ahead of Symbian (but will be soon) – Tomi Ahonen throws down

Google accuses Bing of ‘cheating,’ piggybacking off its search results (updated) – Engadget – huge!

The Ease (Or Unease) Of Doing Business In China. A Stagnant China. : China Law Blog : China Law for Business – Vietnam making some radical moves to become more entrepreneur-friendly

No Sleep ‘Til Brooklands: A True Story Of Daily Mail Lies (guest post) – words of caution for doing media stuff

ifttt: shows promise but needs international features | Wadds’ PR Blog A sexier Yahoo Pipes? Or at least one that is less broken

@christineptran » How HuffPost Integrates Social Networks – linking, sharing, aggregation

A News Corp. Digital History Lesson For The Daily | mocoNews – lessons from previous online adventures

Remember Windows Mobile? It Outsold Windows Phone 7 Last Quarter – oh dear.

Yahoo! not Facebook is bleeding flickr to death – innovator’s dilemma

The Explosion of Free Porn Online – New York Magazine – adult entertainment industry being disrupted as business models change

STUDY: Moms Over 40 Have More Facebook Friends Than Their Kids Do – if doesn’t persuade you that Facebook is on the the slope to the trough of disillusionment what will?

How to Hack Your Brain – interesting stuff here