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Asiajin » How to sell 16 iPhone Apps At Once – nice bit of creativity to sell e-book applications in Japan

Gift-buying strategies | – Choosing the best bribe … er, gift … is a fine art for mainland business

Parks Associates Blog Connected TV market to hit 76% by 2015 – but will there a corresponding usage or will it be a neglected feature for this walled garden version of the web? Chances are that the TV manufacturers are only likely to care about licence fees from the likes of Google or Yahoo! per installed machine unless the media companies fight their corner hard

日経プレスリリース – interesting research from 500 Japanese Facebook users. Only 13% thought Facebook would be successful in Japan. Over half surveyed were concerned about privacy. Unlike other Japanese SNS, 80% of those surveyed have the account under their own name

MAJOLICA MAJORCA|MAKEUP ROOM – Shiseido’s “MAJOLICA MAJORCA” line is promoted using reader models from Japanese fashion magazines with bilingual make-up tutorials. Videos are done live via Ustream

CLSA | China to become the world’s largest market for luxury goodsmainland Chinese millionaires are 15 years younger than their overseas peers. The number of individuals with more than Rmb1,000 million has increased at an annual rate of 50% from 24 in 2000 to 1,363 in 2010. Secondly, success, wealth and fame/social standing are highly regarded in Chinese culture and displaying this through watches, jewellery, apparel, cars and wine garner respect. As is being treated like a VIP; wealthy Chinese expect to be acknowledged through personalised service and products

BBC – Newsnight: Twenty reasons why it’s kicking off everywhere – what’s interesting to this is how many of the factors are also in the developed world

IABUK : Yahoo! launches AdLabs – wonder how this fits with Yahoo!’s Strategic Data Solutions Group (if it still exists?)

Digital Divide: Segregation Is Alive and Well in Social Media – Advertising Age – however the segregation seems to be self-selecting rather than imposed on African Americans

Billboards Go Interactive With Help of WiFi – – looks like web of no web, mobile and Bluetooth powered outdoor ad technologies are starting to get traction again. (Remember the Coldplay Bluetooth download a few years ago for its XY album?)

The Youth Unemployment Bomb – BusinessWeek – interesting article. It reminds me in many respects of the kind of things gen-x went through at the start of their careers. The impact being harder this time because these guys haven’t really known a recession or inflation. Whereas gen-x grew up with the Suez oil crisis, rampant inflation, western industrial decline as jobs went to Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan and Korea. Also reminded of the Japanese Freeter | フリーター phenomenon

Paco Rabanne dresses for Bric success | – interesting how the Puig Group seems to be focusing more on India than China

Report: China to be Top Luxury Buyer by 2020 – WSJ – already overtaken Japan, only needs to overhaul the US. How much of the gap is due to Chinese buyers purchasing abroad to avoid sales tax and as part of general tourism?