Tate Modern: Gabriel Orozco exhibition | 设计糟糕的标志

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I spent some time at the Tate Modern with Stephen and went to have a look at the Gabriel Orozco exhibition. Gabriel Orozco is a Mexican artist whose principal crime was to slice a Citroen DS down the middle to come up with a single seater car. I would like to have told you more about him but the audio accompaniment didn’t work that well. The Tate pulled together a mobile site with audio recordings by room from the artist himself.
Tate exhibition
This is what it looked like on my iPhone. I followed the instructions that were on the wall of the exhibition for using your smartphone as an audio guide, but the wireless network wasn’t that interested in playing that nicely.
Tate Modern exhibition
However a bigger source of confusion for me was the instructions on the way into the gallery forbidding the use of a phone inside the exhibition anyway.
Tate Modern exhibition
Come on! Make up your mind people!