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brand tags – answer five or so questions and then check out consumer sentiment of a brand

Defense Dept. Research Arm DARPA Tackles Storytime | Fast Company – storytelling to understand events better

Sleeves & Bookmarks: Cover Art Collection continues – Moleskine ® English – really simple creative idea

New PR approach key in China: News from – lack of a strategic approach in using PR, yet pressure for delivering sales

The End of the (Nokia) Raj: Tech News and Analysis « – interesting take by Om Malik

STUDY: Return On Investment In Facebook Eludes CMOs – not terribly surprised

In memoriam: Microsoft’s previous strategic mobile partners | asymco – history of failure

T-Mobile, Orange Spin Global Tech Co-Op Out Of UK Merger | paidContent:UK – reduce collective costs

Digital Is Now Outgrowing The Fast-Growers At Publicis | paidContent:UK – some nice statistics here

Nokia Microsoft Is Like Yahoo Bing – Nokia’s Days As Innovator Are Over – Mike Butcher calls it the way he sees it

Introducing The Microsoft Puppet – I think that MG Seigler has nailed it. Of course he didn’t mention this is the second time it’s been done ^_-

UPDATE: Intel Defends MeeGo After Partner Nokia Shifts Focus –

How the rot set in for Meego over a pint of Guinness – basically developer relations disaster

Communities Dominate Brands: First Analysis of Nokia-Microsoft Alliance – Wow this is good for Microsoft – Tomi hasn’t touched on the better picture that Nokia is likely to have in the enterprise, but lots of good stuff here

Nokia Strategy 2011 | Nokia Conversations – The official Nokia Blog – everything in one place

Google Makes Play For Women With Wedding Planning Site – interesting female-orientated vertical | lifecycle plays by Google

Digital Pharma links | InPharm – if you are looking at digital health comms, you need this bookmarked

China’s international patent filings up 56.2% – China Economic Review – innovation on a roll

White House will propose new digital copyright laws | CNET News – this looks like an initiative that will seriously hamper US innovation allowing other countries to build a greater advantage in future industries like consumer electronics, telecoms and internet services

Livestand from Yahoo! – Your Digital Newsstand | Yodel Anecdotal – Yahoo! as a metafilter. It depends how effective the engine is and how indepth it focuses on your interests. Also how does this fit in with their existing low-income mid-West baby boomer demographic?

Verizon iPhone 4 has estimated BOM of $171 – great teardown overview

China To Make All Public Art Galleries Free By 2012 « Jing Daily – good to see arts and cultural appreciation being taken to a wider level

Coffee can, mints giveaways refresh smoker breath – genius selling coffee or chewing gum and cigarettes as a package. I love Japanese convenience stores

SILAS – is back. Yay!

Web ads surge in China: News from – 50 per cent growth, Baidu at 73 per cent of the search market

Shoppers gloomier about 2011 – plan to cut back on non-essentials – – double-dip recession here we come

Marketers Optimistic About Finding Social Media ROI [STUDY] – all about financial numbers rather than engagement

The younger they are, the more willing they are to pay — Nielsen white paper | MIDEMBlog

It’s Not the Online Coupons. It’s the Psychology. – – some people call it psychology, I’d call it targeting

How To Create Amazing Facebook Pages | Econsultancy – Good guide to using Facebook as a social media vehicle. Disclosure: I am part of the Econsultancy training faculty, but even if I wasn’t I’d still recommend this

Evolving English: One Language, Many Voices :: Map your voice – interesting programme by the British Library