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Be first and get the opportunity to earn up to $1,500 for MeeGo apps! | Intel AppUp(SM) developer program – Intel pushing on with rewards for first 100 developers

Top Mobile Activities in the U.S., EU5 an Japan – interesting divergence in consumer behaviour

Designing With Intent – Sense Worldwide – cards to aid creative thinking. Good to see that Sense Worldwide’s cerebal snacks are back

Can Japan’s spirited youth save their aging nation? – positive rather than sensational Reuters report on Japan (downloadable PDF)

STUDIO LOBOT – I love the lobot desk lamp

COR | Shrimp lounge chair – Think the Eames lounger meets minimalism

Apple’s 30% And Google’s 10% Fees Are Too High | Forrester Blogs – why do analysts ignore the rights of platform providers to get paid and not see the media companies for the platform parasites that they are?

Thoughts on Apple Subscriptions and Google OnePass from President of the Online Publishers Association | WebProNews – suck it up

Asia key to m-commerce: News from – interesting that Japan isn’t here, when I think about the role that m-commerce plays in the business model for the likes of Tokyo Girl’s Collection – an exceptionally complex buy for mobile devices

Brand giants get social: News from – really?

One Per Cent: Brits love the net but hate Big Brother – Facebook, pop-up ads and Twitter were in the top 4 most hated innovations. Only the dreaded reality TV was more vilified

Designer Derek Lam Crowd-Sources Summer Collection on eBay – interesting the way eBay is used as a focus group and retail channel

Professor’s ‘Freedom Box’ Could Thwart Web Spies and Government Kill Switches – the future sounds more and more like William Gibson’s ‘Sprawl’ series of books

Asian firms low on Facebook engagement | – given the amount of Wall pollution that consumers face is this a bad thing?

Media Monitors acquires Brandtology – Media Monitors Group – interesting consolidation in APAC monitoring and measurement tools

Jan Wildeboer » Microsoft: Absolutely NO (GPLv3-or-compat-licensed) Free Software for Windows Phone and Xbox Apps. – no using many OSS libraries and probably explains partly why the Qt development environment maybe verboten

China Social Media: 6 Critical Sites | Socialnomics – Social Media, Mobile, Digital Blog

Ye Qizheng: Brand Acquisitions A Mixed Bag For Chinese Companies « Jing Daily – really insightful stuff here, expect Chinese companies to own a lot of troubled luxury brands

Habbo Hotel Hits 200 Million Registrations | Sulake Corporation Oy – impressive longevity in a social network

YouTube – carlosdouh’s Channel – pure genius

the death of an industry-music :: Influxinsights – poor business management and a lack of investment over a long period of time

China Mobile and Vodafone team up to push for 4G – it will be interesting to see if the Chinese standard for 4G gets accepted and what it means for Nokia, Ericsson, Qualcomm etc

Why Hong Kong people are afraid of online shopping | – interesting cultural insights, weaker consumer protection laws mean that consumers have to meet merchants face-to-face to work out if they trust them

Kynetx – This Changes Everything » Personal Block – an extension to build you own Personal Blocklist on search results – doesn’t work with the latest beta of Firefox, but a great effort, something that Google should have been doing rather than just focusing on Chrome – competition for Maxroam

iSendr – Instant Private File Transfers – genius for artwork, document sharing etc should help with workflow enormously