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Dell Inc. breaks new ground for social media in investor relations | IR Web Report – builds on what Sun Microsystems started back in the day

Huawei to Give London Subway a Mobile Network, Sunday Times Says – Bloomberg – even China thinks that the UK and the London Underground is slipping into the developing world. These would probably be the first new basestation sites in years installed in the UK due to NIMBY protestors

Hong Kong’s Hidden Cafes – Hong Kong – WSJ – ok 9 more must-dos next time I visit Hong Kong. Interesting how they have evolved to compete against dominant chains

Gloe – it would have been nice if this could have been built on top of, or integrated into Fire Eagle; the possibilities are endless

BBC Magazines: even when they’re winning, they lose – Brand Republic – chronic mis-management is causing jealously as rivals blame their problems on anti-competitive practices rather than on the fact that they couldn’t manage their way out of a brown paper bag

China to spend $1.3t on new rail, road infrastructure | China business news – economic development of inland provinces | longer supply chains dictating the need for a better infrastructure

BYD slashes prices: ouch | – hyper-competition in China’s car market

China’s high spirits unwanted abroad | – arbitrage opportunity? I remember that there were a number of shops when I was in China reselling this stuff from when people had been gifted it over the new year. Is it really that popular at home?

Beijing Goes on the Hunt for Hidden China Bank Lending – WSJ – economists trying to get a better understanding of lending in the economy

Cleaning Vinyl Records The Copydex Way… « Test Pressing – genius. I remember this stuff from my Dad would reupholster chairs at home

Brand “simplicity” is key | Warc.comWhile what makes for simplicity isn’t always straightforward, it is improving the lives of people everywhere. And, they’re willing to pay more for it

Why most market expenditures fail to generate any impact | Aaker on Brands – focus on brand relevance rather than brand preference

Excel And Photoshop Files Come To Gmail – interesting move particularly against Adobe

I, Cringely » Let them eat veggies: Obama has dinner with Steve – interesting take on innovation that ‘hidden champions’ like many German medium-sized businesses would recognise

All bubbles begin with a pyramid, end with a pop – broadstuff – a Facebook bubble

Ovi Store revenues up 719% YoY and ahead of the Android Market – All About Symbian – is this because of higher app prices and is it sustainable? Mr Elop probably thought not

Trust in Singapore sixtysecondview: Sixty second interviews from pr, media and politics – transnational media more important and trust in local media higher than markets like the UK

Inside the all-electric Esflow, the Nissan Leaf’s sexier sister | VentureBeat – I like the way the styling uprates the design but keeps the spirit of the 240Z | Fairlady

Apple seeks more distributors as deal with Unicom to end | China business news – could diversify customer base

Google debuts Delicious bookmark importer to tempt away users | VentureBeat – too little, too late the early adopters have already decamped to

Plastic Surgery Among Ethnic Groups Mirrors Beauty Ideals – – interesting divergence in consumer desires in the US

Social Web Blog: An update to Google Social Search – social search results will now be mixed throughout your results based on their relevance (in the past they only appeared at the bottom).

Facebook Almost Leads Online Marketing Plans For 2011 – interesting gap between client and agency perceptions

Microsoft mulls changing Windows Phone Marketplace terms to add more open-source licenses | ZDNet – I can feel the ground moving as the leviathan slithers around this

Why Most Facebook Marketing Doesn’t Work – tactics flawed. I’d also add context