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SWISS Blog – done brilliantly. I love the flight attendant guide to cities

Joel Lo: Hong Kong is not a shopper’s paradise | – for Hong Kong, you could substitute London and this would increasingly accurate. When I think about how bland Covent Garden and Soho in particular has become over the past five-to-ten years or so

PSFK » frog design: Designing For A User-Hijacked World – so is there an opportunity to sell control back to corporates and the man?

Agencies making digital products should co-create with customers « BBH Labs – funnily enough this is something that Sense Worldwide have been advocating for a while

Alibaba And The Curse Of Chinese Manufacturing – this makes interesting reading, but beware it’s designed to be link bait and consequently pretty provocative in tone

Asiajin » Japan’s Book Publishers Decide To Go With EPUB Standard – interesting move in standardisation for ebooks

Microsoft likens China market to ‘Wild West’ |“Multinational corporations lack the agility to make quick decisions that are necessary in the Chinese market”

Google Person Finder: Christchurch Earthquake, February 2011 – amazingly quick deployment of a service

Inside Sina Weibo: China’s (Much Better) Version Of Twitter – great presentation on Weibo (pronounced wee brawh) in line with my own take here, you can follow me on Weibo: renaissancechambara

TAT co-founder on how technology turns us all into replicants | VentureBeat – interesting take on user experience by The Astonishing Tribe

Tyler Cowen’s Great Stagnation: The middle class is doomed. – Slate Magazine – and that’s just the case in the US

Scatter/Gather: a Razorfish blog – content strategy, pop culture and human behavior

YouTube UK Blog: Creative Use Of YouTube: Burberry Presents… – really?

Tina Brown’s Quiet Restart of Newsweek – – life is less glamorous in the modern media industry

The Story Beyond The Still on Vimeo – Canon competition. Really nicely targeted online competition garnering great content

Beet.TV: A Canon Still Camera is a “Game Changer” for Video Journalism, the AP’s Kevin Roach – the EOS 5D Mark II has been used for short films and music videos. I didn’t realise til now it was doing video for news gathering services. Digital movie camera maker RED has gone the other way and allowed cinematographers to use Nikon camera lens

IPad and Other Tablets Make Push Into Corporate World –“Of course, I still have a PC,” Mr. Benioff said. “But I am using it less and less and I am using my iPad more.” He called 2011 “the year of the tablet” and added: “If you call me next year, I will say it is also the year of the tablet. And if you call me in 2013, I’ll tell you it’s going to be the year of the tablet.” Of course, I could be cynical (but probably right) and say this is because the productivity argument of enterprise software and PCs is tapped out

2010 Global Brand Simplicity Index: United Kingdom | Siegel+Gale – quite a nice downloadable whitepaper

The one big reason why iPad rivals can’t compete on price | TechRepublic – interesting take on things. Distribution channel ownership is key

The REAL Death Of The Music Industry – interesting data points. It’s still about chronic mismanagement and failing to provide the kind of content that consumers wanted in the format that they wanted it in

Please Take Accountability For Your Social Media Experience | WebProNews – but will people act in a mature manner?

Two Great Twitter Visualization Tools: Twiangulate & MentionMap « Affiliate Marketing Blog by Geno Prussakov – really interesting looking tools that I need to look at in more depth CEO Resigns Over Fraud – – board members forced out by user fraud

Asiajin » “I’m A Russian-Japanese.” – Facebook Beset On Japanese Nickname Judgement – Facebook fascism facing heroic resistance from Japanese early adopters

I, Cringely » Blog Archive » The click of death – Cringely on technology – Bob Cringely on the human effect of disintermediation. I fear that we will all end up like the punchline of the Bill Hicks sketch exhorting marketers to kill themselves because “They know price of everything and the value of nothing