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55tvc | 55factory – London fashion week videos

NASA Spinoff homepage – aside from dried ice cream candy and Fisher space pens, what has the NASA space programme ever done for us? Find out here, way cool

Archbishop Martin: Church in Ireland on brink of collapse | Irish Examiner – interesting social change going on | Inside Business – Stigma of failure holds back Japan start-ups – (paywall) interesting article, completely at odds to what I would have thought given the stories about the founding of Honda and Sony – huge risk taking classic start-up archetypes a la Hewlett-Packard or Apple

Twitter users entice firm to Ireland | Irish Examiner – interesting grassroots approach to something that government agencies have usually championed

The Republic – Why Asian firms are wary of social media – risk of losing face, hierarchy affects decision-making adversely

The UX of Data | UX Magazine – What anytime, anywhere access to data means for interaction design via Stella Wong

What’s Your Tribe? – I seem to remember this was used to highlight the deficiencies of marketing segmentation but all I can find online is Seth bloody Godin’s prognostications

First details of Commission data protection action against UK are revealed | Pinsent Masons LLP – interesting that the UK laws are narrower and more in the interests of the data holder

Netimperative | global data on youth smartphone ownership – interesting that Italy ranks so highly

Goldman Sachs Pumps A Whopping $70M Into Virtualization Company AppSense – frak me, I met these guys when they were based out of an office in Warrington

China To Fund $2.6 Billion, Build Sprawling Resort In Bahamas « Jing Daily – interesting move. The Bahamas also has a thriving financial centre

Ralph Lauren Latest To Debut “Neo-Chinoiserie” Collection; Will Chinese Shoppers Care? « Jing Daily – people don’t like being played

Blogging is fragmenting into multi-platform content creation – long live blogging! | Trends in the Living Networks – blogging has growth in short-form tools like Tumblr & Twitter

A Data Dystopia and a Lack of Women Haunt SXSW: Tech News and Analysis « – interesting the way web of data has started to mature on the social aspect of things. Mainly because people like Facebook have been so kack handed and evil about things

China Launches New Censored Search Engine To Compete With Baidu – did a quick unscientific trial of my own name: index seems small, page load time was pretty slow. It will be interesting to see how they progress, but I don’t think Baidu has too much to worry about yet

HP warns consumer PC sales may slip in 2011 | VentureBeat – not sure if this is tablets or double-dip sentiment

What happens after Yahoo acquires you – (37signals) – basically don’t trust them or don’t get handcuffed in the contract and leave and do something productive like sit on a beach for 6 months