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Brand building and social media—the silo crisis just got worse | Aaker on Brands – Aaker nails some of the most vexing aspects of social media in this post

Internet wishlist – good starting point for start-ups looking for a purpose – with the rise of DSLRs as movie cameras has come kit to make them easier to handle like a movie camera

COSINE|コサイン – amazingly simple furniture design (Japanese language only)

How Apple Dodged a Sun Buyout: Former CEOs McNealy, Zander Tell All – IT Infrastructure – News & Reviews – – the more interesting stuff is about Solaris adoption and the surprise of Java taking off as a web language

collaRge.designs – handy for pitches

pingboard – Project Hosting on Google Code – pretty darned handy

Branded outlets move in – but interestingly not into Guangdong province presumably because consumers can go south to Hong Kong instead?

Groupbuying: mechanics, economics and why it goes wrong – China Daily did this great article explaining group buying schemes in China, but works equally well for schemes in the UK, US

Inquisitiveness the mother of innovation – China starting to think about how to better foster innovation and invention in students

Share your tips and tricks | – looks as if it could do for tips what Quora did for questions

MacBook Pro 15″ Unibody Early 2011 Teardown – iFixit – is it just me or are you underwhelmed by Thunderbolt

UK ‘needs plan B’ for internet piracy | – discussions that put the onus of proof back on the media companies

Use It Up, Wear It Out – Consumers Hold On to Stuff Longer – – fighting designed obsolescence – a community site for the latest Japanese style trend: yamagaaru – mountain-loving girls. Basically fashion influenced by technical clothing. There have been lots of Japanese technical wear brands like White Mountaineering and Burtons collaboration with Hiroshi Fujiwara iDiom so it was no surprise that it extended into women’s style

Fashion Insight – handy research resource for fashion PR

swissmiss | 10 Lessons for young designers – applies to social media | digital just as well

Intel’s Thunderbolt to Strike at Media Transfer: Tech News and Analysis « – power, data, display

Wordlings – like Wordle but room for more creativity

What Data-Mining Apple, Google and Microsoft’s PR Reveals

The 10 Most Profitable Tech Companies In The World – OMG

Porn studio’s antipiracy plan rejects mass lawsuits | Media Maverick – CNET News – taking the iTunes approach to content pricing to make piracy less attractive and not getting bad karma from lawsuits

just ping – Online web-based ping: Free online ping from 50 locations worldwide

Disney Acquires Social Network For Kids Togetherville – seems to be the next step up age-wise from Club Penguin