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The difference between online PR and marketing just got vital | Opinion | New Media Age – must read if you haven’t done already – Top UK fanpages – of more interest is the rate of growth stats

Record Customer Losses And Low ARPU: T-Mobile USA Needs Something Sticky | mocoNews – not surprising. No killer phone (like the Sidekick used to be) and a poorer quality network than AT&T or Verizon

Sir Martin Sorrell: Apple iPad Won’t Save Us | paidContent:UK – and you woke up to this when exactly?

Where To Locate Your Business In China. This Download Will Tell You. : China Law Blog : China Law for Business

Social media drawing in early adopting shoppers – Brand Republic News

for those questioning the value of advertising :: Influxinsights – the sage of Omaha puts long-term value on it

BA Bites! – British Airways customer bites back over bedbugs

Royal Warrants Dropped by Several Brands | Luxury News from Luxury InsiderConsumer appeal lies at the heart of the matter. In a recent survey, 42% of respondents were indifferent to royal warrants, 42% thought they were unimportant, while only 13% reckoned they made a difference.Furthermore, because the companies that have dropped the Royal Warrant are large multinationals, it must have been the direct result of lengthy dialogue and decision-making. It certainly wasn’t an accident. This indicates that the companies feel the Royal Warrant is outdated, valueless or even damaging. The added suggestion is that they feel sales will increase without the Royal Warrant

What are the best metrics for measuring user engagement? | Andrew ChenMetrics are merely a reflection of the product strategy that you have in place – assuming that you have one…

Bendable Graphene Batteries Take a Page from Gumby – could make design much more interesting

Your Bones Will Feel the Rumbler Siren Coming – interesting haptic emergency sirens, what will people instinctively do?

Election 2011 Results – RTÉ News – nice interactive page showing the election results in a clear manner

Nintendo 3DS Hits Japan Huge! | NEW YORK – TOKYO – that’s it I want a 3DS with Nintendogs, it looks too full of cute awesomeness

Frog Design’s Jan Chipchase on how the poor can least afford bad design | VentureBeat – also expensive products don’t only deserve good design