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Need a really stable portable clock? Think atomic – this is insanely clever, a chip-sized atomic clock

Spending money on marketing: a waste of money for new businesses? | Econsultancy – the product is the marketing

UnionPay: China’s Unloved Monopoly – WSJ – saying that, I can’t remember people loving Electron, Switch or Maestro either

Promotions damage UK brands: News from Warc.comFirms reacted very quickly to the financial crisis and went in to near-panic mode, discounting prices across the board without fully understanding the impact on demand or profitability – WTF!

Asiajin » Using Your Smartphone Camera To Count Calories – interesting health2.0 service

When is a threat not a threat? | Blogs navigation | Analysis & Opinion | Reuters.comBut she said the simple truth was that the British economic growth lagged that of peers, while fixed costs were rising. Britain was not an obviously attractive place to be for bankers

U.S. Cites a Top Chinese Web Site in the Sale of Fake Goods – – singling out Baidu is like singling out Google

Investors Ask, Where’s Home for Standard Chartered? – WSJ – this is more about a legacy of the empire’s trading history rather than business in many cases, though a presence in the UK is important

Aidan5 – interesting web-only sci-fi on a budget

The Chinese High Street has more muscle – Telegraph BlogsCompanies should be very scared, as throwaway fashion is now dead,” he claimed. “For years they wanted to get more and pay less. They have pillaged the system in China. But now they are going to suffer.

swissmiss | What Makes a Web App Successful?

DEMO 2011: How to Protect Your Facebook Page from Spam, Viruses and Profanity – kind of a McAfee for your web apps

Revisiting The Prospects For “No Logo” Luxury In China « Jing Daily – it will be interesting to see how long this takes to play out

Forrester: E-Commerce To Reach Nearly $300 Billion in U.S. by 2015 [STATS] – continual march of online

Actually, Phone Calls Are Thriving, Not Dying – there’s this thing called voice where you can talk to people rather than emailing them. I think it will be huge as a real-time social technology

Does Your Social Media Strategy Include Africa and China? – developing world countries showing fastest growth

China Unicom unveils ‘Wophone’ mobile operating system – this changes the dynamics for Android expansion in China and Nokia’s hope to sell 150 million more Symbian phones whilst it gets its WP7 house in order