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Mozilla’s Web O'(pen) Wonder – impressive technology demos

The Youth Unemployment Bomb  From Cairo to London – interesting that NEETs are compared to unemployed graduates (no comparison), but it does show the strains that the middle classes are coming under

China Wants To Have Everyone On Fiber Optic In 3 Years – digital Britain is so screwed

So Microsoft Gets A Tablet Out In Two Years — Then What? – interesting analysis

Rodney King: 20 years of citizen photojournalism – Boing Boing – was it 20 years ago, this has flown by

Social media and SEO massively undervalued: study | Econsultancy – interesting research

Nintendo’s Satoru Iwata Promotes Game Consoles Over Smartphones – NYTimes.comThe president of Nintendo told video game developers Wednesday that smartphones were driving a trend toward lower quality, and economically unsustainable, video games.

nr1977 by MihaDesign | Spoon & Tamago – I love the awesomeness of this design

Google’s Algorithm Tweaks Pushed Down “Two-Thirds” of Yahoo’s Contributor Content | Fast Company – hahahaha but then Yahoo! Answers does look like a really bad content farm

Tokyo Girls Collection x YouTube for live-steam fashion – Tokyo Girls Collection partners with YouTube for its real-world | real-time | e-commerce | m-commerce fashion show

PSFK » The Tightening Feedback Loop Of Popular Culture – I like the joined up but wide thinking in this article

Huawei Holding 10-Year U.S. Anniversary Event To Refine Reputation – Forbes – reputation takes a long time to build, but then I suspect Huawei is in for the long haul. Lesson one: teach people how to say your name (adidas amongst others had to do it)

The Human Operating System « BBH Labs – really interesting perspective on human computer interfaces Bringing Apple’s FaceTime to the Contact Center – interesting move, why would you want to use Facetime when Skype is so prevalent and good?

Google Adds OCR for 29 More Languages | Search Engine Journal – every so often I start looking at Google in a different way like its a huge evil beast with some cool about it. A kind of super-powered evil twin to The Dude in The Big Lebowski. But then they pull gems like this out of their technological back of tricks and karma is restored to the Googleverse

First Asia Harris Poll Released Comparing Attitudes in China, Hong Kong, India, Sinapore & the US – PRNewswire – interesting perspectives in this research

Then and now: Top 50 brands on the web compared with 2004 (Digital Knowledge Centre – Digital Intelligence) – some blasts from the past here: Lycos and Kelkoo

Women Love a Sensitive Man – are US ads that far behind UK ads?

Microsoft & Facebook No Longer Friends After Employee Poaching Accusations – these things are inevitable

2020 vision on billboards’ digital future | FT.comIn key markets, I can see 90 per cent of out-of-home advertising being delivered digitally by the end of the decade

Consumer Spending on Deal-a-Day Offers Likely to Reach $3.9B in U.S. by 2015 – PRNewswire

How Facebook will be committing “commercide” on July 1st | VentureBeat“Commercide” to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory in online gaming by deciding to impose a restrictive commerce platform on your content producers. “Advercide” to kill an otherwise successful online commerce business by trying to mix it with advertising incorrectly