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Hong Kong Company Moves Swiftly on Ultrafast Broadband – – even at 60-odd USD PCCW’s gigabit home broadband, let alone Hong Kong Broadband Network’s 24.99 embarrasses the UK

What Does the Extended ASA Remit Mean for You? – Social Web Thing – naming and shaming is just the start

Gizmo5 Has Been Acquired by Google – discontinuing service on April 3, 2011. Gizmo5 was a Skype competitor which Michael Robinson of Lindows and fame was involved in. The client was nice, there just wasn’t enough of my contacts on it – chris dixon’s blog / SEO is no longer a viable marketing strategy for startupsI talk to lots of startups and almost none that I know of post-2008 have gained significant traction through SEO (the rare exceptions tend to be focused on content areas that were previously un-monetizable). Google keeps its ranking algorithms secret, but it is widely believed that inbound links are the preeminent ranking factor. This ends up rewarding sites that are 1) older and have built up years of inbound links 2) willing to engage in aggressive link building, or what is known as black-hat SEO. (It is also very likely that Google rewards sites for the simple fact that they are older

Cisco’s Jabber Binds Communication Tools | SiliconANGLE – interesting that Cisco is embracing an open source standard of IM. Interesting attack on Microsoft’s enterprise messaging offerings

HuffPo writers strike- why Arianna Huffington’s wildly successful media empire is harmful to web workers – currency of kudos or exploitative?

News on Japan – Japanese “beauty re-touch” cameras – impressive technology and better than the previous iteration that used to ‘insult’ Asian people who had a single rather than double-eye lid

China’s High Luxury Tax Under Fire – Jing Daily – this would likely adversely affect the desirability of foreign tourism to Chinese consumers

Do Royalty-Free Standards “Stifle Innovation?” – – BSA (Business Software Alliance) rubbish

Crossing the line cost Hard Rock Hotel – Las Vegas Sun – ok so how on earth will they sell Las Vegas then?

Mideast Unrest Is Costing Russian Arms Industry – – about 10 billion USD in lost sales

The Honestificator « Rob Manuel – genius

I, Cringely » Fear of flying — Why the iPad 2 isn’t even better – on the money as usual

IBM Launches Network of ‘Spoken Web’ Sites In India | AllThingsD – interesting move in terms accessibility

What is our problem with 3D? « BBH Labs – aside from the fact that this has been done badly by the film companies?

New camera commissioner could cause confusion, says privacy watchdog | Pinsent Masons LLP – oh the irony. The conservatives sorting out the CCTV mess they started in the first place

The Future of News – Pay or you’ll get cr*p – broadstuff – or please pay up

Survey Shows China is Number One…in Riskiness – WSJ – American managers think that China is due a hard economic landing

Asiajin » Yahoo! Mobage Passes 3 Million Users In 5 Months, Facebook Falls Down To 6th Position

Americans to Invest in Themselves in 2011; Consumers Plan to Spend More on Grooming – is is this an extension of the ‘lipstick effect‘?