Mobile Monday London: keep taking the tablets

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Here are the notes I made at the session that Mobile Monday ran on tablet devices.
momolo notes
A few observations:

  • The irony of a heavy early-adopter crowd gathered to find out more about tablets, let very few of them had a tablet themselves. If I were a tablet manufacturer I would be doing an Oprah-style giveaway in meetings like this
  • Rather than Nokia’s three platforms of Wp7, Android and iOS. It seemed to be a two-horse race in terms of the discussions platforms: Android and iOS. Dave Gibbs of BSkyB did call out BlackBerry as a promising platform and there was a real-life PlayBook demonstrated in the drinks session afterward. Microsoft needs to be mixing it up at events like this
  • There was a sharp dichotomy between the developers in the audience and the panelists over the viability of HTML5 as an application/service platform. The developers liked it, the panelist felt it wasn’t fully-featured enough and felt that there was a number of consumer acceptance barriers to non-appified rich mobile web services