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Adobe targets iOS with Wallaby Flash-to-HTML5 converter – it will be interesting to see how media companies receive this

PSFK » Online Gaming Helps Index Finnish National Archive – using games with a purpose

Why I would rather work for the yakuza than National Geographic Television UPDATED: My resignation, apologies, and words of caution to anyone involved with production. NGT番組に関する辞任とお詫びと注意勧告 – Jake Adelstein calling out National Geographic. If any of his allegations are true, this blows the NGT brand out of the water

Transmedia rising | JWT Intelligence – kind of like media neutral | agnostic

Pioneer Music Discovery Site Relaunching Full of Free MP3s – can lightning strike twice?

Nordstrom-Owned HauteLook Launches Monthly Shoe Club | AllThingsD – a book club but for shoes. It makes sense given the media has so little artefacts now

Warner Bros. to Rent Movies Digitally on Facebook, Starting With ‘Dark Knight’ – The Hollywood Reporter

Windows Phone 7 not reversing Microsoft’s mobile slide | Seattle Post-Intelligencer – this is the initial US numbers, things may pick up when the marketing fully kicks in

US shoppers remain frugal – – serious confidence issue according to McKinsey survey

Most Organizations Now Use Open Source Software According to Gartner – OSS is the new normal

Fuck You HSBC – is this therapy, a play pen for trolls and ranters or a brand problem?

Creative Review – Trainspotting’s film poster campaign, 15 years on – brilliant seeing the progression in the design

Skype – The Big Blog – Advertising in Skype – I guess this makes sense Yahoo! & Microsoft sold advertising in their respective IM clients for years

Sarah Tavel / Adventurista: Prediction: Facebook is no longer a viable marketing strategy for startups – following on from Chris Dixon’s post about SEO no longer being a winner for challenger brands

Upgrade Your Life: Simple security for your cell phone – Yahoo! News – I didn’t realise that you could have a longer password on the iPhone than the four-digit PIN

Bing Deals Android and IOS App Leave Windows Phone 7 Users Behind – Yahoo! News – Bing supporting rival platforms better than WP7. This could have been timing and concerns about anti-trust legislation as much as anything else

Al Jazeera English Plans Show Centered on Social Networking | – interesting idea. The thing that concerns me is that it reduces even further the depth of insight and analysis in television news

Sina WeiLingDi: China’s Foursquare? – well one of a number of Foursquare-like services in China

The FT’s decline | Felix Salmon | – interesting analysis of the FT model

Smartphone Users Focus on Apps, Not Talking or Browsing – – so maybe not quite the bandwidth hog assumed?

Glamour’s iPad Series to Let Viewers Buy Clothes From Gap – – content as catalogue

Microsoft’s Nightmare: First They Came For The Tablets, Then The Netbooks…. – ASUS looking to get back to the simplicity of the Netbook again

Ex-Microsoft Employee: 5 Things The Kayak Deal Tells Us About Bing – interesting that Microsoft is becoming much more prepared to do deals

HKEx – The Desperate Hours – WSJ – longer opening hours of stock exchanges don’t correlate to better financial performance