A pathetic looking salad

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I had a few calls and closely scheduled meetings the other day so I nipped out McDonalds and went with one of their vegetarian options. They asked me if I wanted a meal and I said I didn’t because I couldn’t stand the chips, and the gentleman manning the till said “But Sir, we also do a side salad instead of chips,” and I said yes because I loved irony of it all and a side salad is better for me.

I got back to the office and reality kicked in like double-length oil tanker full of light naphtha hitting a bus full of school children and an old couple lighting up Senior Service cigarettes with a Zippo lighter.

McDonald's side salad
I know; it must be one of the saddest looking salads in Christendom. I know that restaurants like McDonalds have a map for how to assemble burgers, but I got the sense that much less thought went into a side salad. A couple of limp strings of carrot sat on the bottom of the container, as if ashamed to come out. And the lettuce looked like they had flown into the box at high speed.

The ingredients weren’t bad (I ate the cherry tomatoes, they were clean and tasty, I couldn’t face the lettuce or the carrot), but the McDonalds prep staff had managed to make the food seem so uninspiring. It was like the salad was the visual equivalent of watching paint dry. McDonalds have some shame in their game in terms of producing pretty darned good coffee (but please bring back the brew coffee you used to do), however one pathetic-looking salad was all it took to puncture the ‘we do good food’ repositioning that they have worked on since the McLibel trial.

Charge me more if its a matter of cost, but please up the appeal of your healthy eating game.