CNN Godzillagate

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On Friday Twitter was swirling with comments about that criticised CNN and alleged that news anchor Rosemary Church had giggled and cracked a Godzilla joke.
CNN Gorillagate
Eventually it came out that the whole thing seemed to get real traction from one tweet, but Mashable provides some more indepth coverage which explains the context behind it. It does still sounds uncomfortable to say the least, the transcript doesn’t bring it out in the same way that the video footage does.

Understandably, people who thought it was true started advocating watching Al Jazeera instead. Here’s what that momentum looked like:
CNN Gorillagate
What I find most interesting is that took CNN so long to deny it and that the denial only appeared on one Twitter account @TeamCNN and wasn’t retweeted on more popular CNN Twitter accounts and Rosemary Church’s own account – allowing this meme to gather more steam than it needed to.