Why Facebook is a dead man walking part 2.5? | 技术品牌的情绪

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Facebook consumer sentiment – I found this great chart by NetBase on consumers sentiment to technology brands really interesting.
netbase on Facebook
Twitter has an advantage because of its natural conversational nature, but what I found more interesting was the degree of negative sentiment towards Facebook.  Consumers have a love-hate relationship with many technologies but even I was surprised by the degree of dislike towards Facebook.

I had expected more ambivalence as Facebook becomes more of a social event utility or piss-poor address book and it lost its excitement as everyone and his dog joined the network. In the UK, Facebook now has penetration of over half of the population; not the internet population but the overall population. Short of the mobile phone and television it is as pervasive technology as they come. But that’s the good part for Facebook.

The result also seems to confirm the views I had on Facebook’s privacy, negative network effects and user interface designs. The negative sentiment will have already started to impact engagement levels with the social network, which is probably why the drive into new markets is so important.