Classic Stüssy tribe footage

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Impeccably shot footage by film director, hair dresser and streetwear dandy: James Lebon, Shawn Stüssy breaks down the streetwear formula that Neighborhood and Bape went on to follow.

I love the way he makes word-of-mouth and the product-as-marketing concepts which are considered to be cutting edge marketing ideas now, yet spells them out simply back in the day. It also shows how vibrant the culture was in the late 1980s.

I haven’t bought much Stüssy recently mainly because the original label felt like it was treading old ground and many pieces were almost a parody of the Stüssy brand. Some of their best work now is collaborations with newer fresher brands like Porter Tokyo, Clot and Neighborhood. Check it out.

Shawn Stüssy has taken it back to basics going out on his own with S-Double and has more of the cognoscenti vibe that Stüssy label had in the late 1980s and that is where more of my wardrobe is now coming from.

Lebon unfortunately past away in 2008, but you can see more of his work here on his YouTube channel. Hat tip: Stüssy Inc.

Bring back the baggy pants, rather than the nut crushers that are currently the vogue. I’ve still got a vintage Stüssy varsity jacket in brown and cream that I am known to wear during spring and early summer; I used to have one in black with the IST logo on it but it fell apart last year.