Critique of A Day Made Of Glass

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Corning’s A Day Made Of Glass video which was made to enthuse investors about the company is a well-produced video which extends the touch multi-touch user experience metaphor that we’ve seen in Apple’s iOS products and extends them throughout the working day.

中国读者 | Chinese readers, you should be able to see a version of the video on Tudou belowHowever, to the untrained eye the video glosses over a lot of technological issues that mean we probably won’t have a day made of glass in the way that Corning envisages it.

  • 1:49 – How can the Grandmother apparently see the kids? Apple patented having camera pixels interspersed in display pixals to do a two-way screen a la George Orwell’s 1984, but how would that kind of of electronics hold up in a kitchen environment. How would the touch interfaces hold up against bleach, kitchen cleaners and ground in dirt?
  • 2:47 – Corning obviously don’t live in a more urban environment, given the amount of chavs and homeless people I wouldn’t be wanting to touch surfaces on the average bus shelter if I could possibly help it. Also do they have glass that can get rid of the smell from drunks who use the shelter as a urinal?
  • 2:53 – This NFC like data transfer that happens between the phone and the bus shelter display. From an information security point-of-view it’s probably not the smartest thing. In the home I can understand it, but with a public service like that I’d be more concerned
  • 3:09 – I’m going to ignore the guy on the video call in the bus shelter because he’s just plain stupid. But then I’ve seen have client-sensitive conversations on a bus and read about imminent lay-offs in the documents of someone sat next to me on a plane – so yes people can be that retarded
  • 4.02 – More of a question, but where is the battery technology going to come from to cope with all this new mobile display technology? The iPhone performs unsatisfactorily with one display, let alone power the flexible display at 4:30. How would the ebook shown at 5:10 be powered? There doesn’t seem to be anything out there to displace lithium-ion batteries yet