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Monocolumn – Japan focus: why local business needs to hold firm [Monocle] – business as usual

Open Letter to RSA Customers – we’ve been pwnd

On Nuclear Power: Regulating Our Reaction – we need to shut down media meltdown

Water suggestion: Use the internet – Tokyo water shortages! …NOT

Food Crisis in Tokyo!!! – no pâté de campagne. Shames the western coverage

Paywall for The New York Times Set for March 28 – access via Twitter or Facebook will still be allowed. So this is less about paying and more about declaring war on RSS?

Luxury stocks’ tumble: a contrarian view | Material World – – yet luxury goods manufacturers have been de-emphasising Japan for a number of years so best prepared for impact

Top 13 Social Media Ranking Factors for SEO – Search Engine Watch (SEW) – some interesting things here that would be usesful in shaping social media KPIs