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So I was up early doors and tuned into CNN which is my usual MO when I am staying over in a hotel.

The presenter on CNN was giving people the 101 on the mobile web
CNN QR codes linking to information on charity donations for Japan
And how to use a QR code
CNN educating consumers on QR codes to donate to Japan
But then their production staff manage to obscure the QR code so it wouldn’t read any way.
CNN QRcode stupidity

3 thoughts on “CNN QR code #FAIL

  1. Creating a QR code for on-screen scanning and not using a URL shortener (or, QR generator with shortener) to create less dense code. #FAIL

    Covering up your QR Code with graphics. #FAIL

    Not simply using a Shortcode and Keyword to send a mobile URL back to Users (which people are used to on TV and can remember)? #FAIL

    98% of the QR use in the States seems to fall into the #FAIL category. This technology is destined to vanish or simply be ignored by consumers due to such poor use by publishers, brands and ad agencies.

  2. While I am with you overall, assuming the tech will fail because of poor examples is a stretch. If there is value in the technology, the market will win out. There are more and more examples of successful use out there. Hospitals are using them on ID bracelets for example. There are lots of good uses.

  3. Why do we always get all whoop-tee-doo excited over stuff like this? “Oh my gosh, QR Codes, let’s do a bunch of workshops! This will change how we do things!!” Puhleeze.

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