The agency of the future – PRCA debate

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I didn’t manage to make it along to the agency of the future debate held at Hill & Knowlton last night due to a last minute speaking engagement, but heard good reports from Nick Leonard this morning. I checked into Twitter this morning and used the event’s hashtag to see what I expected to be a vibrant debate and stimulating back chatter, but instead was surprised that there was a distinct lack of conversation going on. This could have been because the hashtag wasn’t being used or that the venue was a wireless black hole. I just feel that a real opportunity has been lost to continue the debate and garner a wider input. I have pulled down a PDF of the conversations thus far that you can view here.

UPDATE: Or option number three, my weapon of choice Tweetdoc which I use for offline browsing of stuff didn’t capture everything. Thanks to for Simon Francis for flagging up.

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