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Useful Bookmarklets for your iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch Browser

I Believe in Advertising | Durex Performa: Extra Time – genius idea

Z-410: How ZFS is slowly making its way to Mac OS X

In Silicon Valley, a Lack of Engineers – – what’s changed is the amount of engineers looking to do their own start-up

Mighty Fine T-Shirts – graphic novel inspired t-shirts

Are Content Curators the power behind social media influence? – interesting research here about curation

Snuff Trax For Japan | – Laurient Garnier does drum and bass

Researchers Make First Plastic Processor – flexible circuits in clothing

PR agency of the future: stop projecting and evolve | A smidge of what I fancy – Peter Hay on the PRCA debate

virtualeconomics: Well that about wraps it up for offline cameras – interesting take on Color

Larry Page already cracking the whip at Google, a week before he takes the reins | VentureBeat – Google Health being left to Microsoft?

Disco – free group SMS texting

Matrix – Search – really handy for flights

Real-Time Human Pose Recognition in Parts from a Single Depth Image – Microsoft Research – or how Kinect works

International Trade Commission Rules that Apple did not Infringe Nokia patents | AllThingsD – that’s Nokia’s sue our way back to relevance strategy blown then

Sun finally shines under Oracle | – shows that Jonathan Schwartz was probably a better CEO at Sun than most people give him credit for

I Always Wondered | Very nearly ADD. – genius site, beautifully designed

Did file-sharing cause recording industry collapse? Economists say no – decline in entertainment budgets of households

London Blogger Tutorials for Spring and Summer 2011 – interesting that Westfield is running this

J-P Teti (The iPad is 99% more open than any other computer) – This morning a 15 yr old explained to me RIM’s ASP and this afternoon a 14 yr old explained to me iPad positioning

danah boyd | apophenia » The Politics of Queering Anything – the marginalization of various voices under the guise of inclusion.

Mobile habits evolve in Hong Kong: – men earlier adopters