Why this post isn’t about social media

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I was chatting with Jed Hallam the other day and one of the things that came up was the reaction that some people have to my posts. Unlike many people in the digital space I try not to blog about social media and PR all the time. There are a number of reasons why this is the case:

  • Social media and PR exist in a wider context of economic, societal and technological change; I’ve always intended that my posts did the same
  • A lot of the time, people have said it better elsewhere, its more about pointing to their efforts and explaining why theirs is particularly good
  • I’ve never had a laser focus in terms of my interests, it meant that revision for exams is my own personal hell; but it also means that I get inspiration for ideas from completely disparate places
  • Sometimes I get home from work and talking shop about social media is as about as welcome as a barbed-wire suppository (not very welcome in my case)
  • Because too much of the talk about social media focuses on the media rather than understanding the people pushing the buttons and does more to confuse and instill fear into the establishment than foster best practice
  • Building on the previous point about a lot of the focus on social media; I find the consumer insights and behaviour changes most interesting. What happens when the technology hits culture, and why does it take different routes in different countries?