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Microsoft’s Mundie: Tablets may not last, future of desktops is “the room” | VentureBeat – but this doesn’t work that well for much of the world where rooms are small: New York, Europe, east Asia

Youth Insight Tools | Enovate – China Youth Insights

Microsoft Co-Founder Hits Out at Gates – – this comes off worse than Jennifer Edstrom’s Barbarians Led by Bill Gates: Microsoft from the Inside. (Yes, Jennifer Edstrom is the daughter of Pam Edstrom of Waggener Edstrom: Microsoft’s agency-of-record). It will be interesting to see how it is spun. Must-read material though, I’ve got my copy pre-ordered from

Did Samsung fake Tab video testimonials? | Econsultancy – oh dear

BitTorrent Case Judge Is a Former RIAA Lobbyist and Pirate Chaser | TorrentFreak – interesting example of potential judicial bias

Rough Type: Nicholas Carr’s Blog: Google’s recipe for recipes – interesting effect that means people are more focused on ‘eating to live’ rather than ‘living to eat’

Smithsonian Folkways – I love the vinyl collection that they have from Pete Seeger to jazz standards

Gome: the civil war is over | – more focus on a growth strategy rather than operational optimisation

9 Tools That Help Us Drive Higher Quality Traffic – good set of SEO tools to kick things off

Barbie In China. Retail Lessons To Be Learned. : China Law Blog : China Law for Business – it seems crazy that Mattel went in with no strategy for retail

Tricking Color with Fake Locations Makes the App So Much Better – interesting early adopter reaction

Face-To-Face Still Trumps Social Media for Product Recommendations – face-to-face is social media; the mistake is defining social media in terms of channels rather than relationships

Indochino Raises $4 Million in Capital to Fund Men’s Custom Apparel Site | AllThingsD

Elop Fights Nokia Traditions in Race to Ship Microsoft Phone – Bloomberg – looks like Elop is profile-building a la like a senior executive at Microsoft. Classic storytelling CEO on a quest beset with challenges

British Airways — 75 years in Hong Kong – really nice simple contest from British Airways

New Google Analytics Interface – iCrossing – something to keep an eye out for

Asiajin » Kinect Driven “Ghost in the Shell” Cyberspace – OMG I think I’d have died and gone to heaven

Asiajin » Weekly Comics Shonen Jump Makes One Issue Free Online By Quake – smart idea to make a virtue out of adversity. Due to the fact that the north makes a lot of paper and distribution networks are stretched this makes a lot of sense and willl build goodwill

» The ruthless application of common sense sixtysecondview: Sixty second interviews from pr, media and politics – interesting presentation by David Brain

Hong Kong Hustle » Sucked into Lane Crawford’s orbit! – really interesting insight into the way Lane Crawford has rebranded itself

MediaShift . 13 Principles for How Media Companies Should Use Data | PBS

TRIM Enabler Increases Solid State Drive Performance in OS X