Markettiers4DC: Broadcast Conference 2011 – The changing face of broadcast

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Sorry its taken a while to write this up. I went to Markettiers4DC broadcast conference on Thursday and here are the notes that I made at the event.
The changing face of broadcast

Bruce Daisley provided an overview of YouTube’s marketing opportunities. Probably the most interesting aspect of it was the pay per play advertising auction for video advertising which factors in advert performance similar to the AdWords auction model. There is comparatively little competition at the moment so the ads look relatively good value.

The changing face of broadcast

Martin Bedford highlighted the changes that corporate PRs would face with the move of BBC business and breakfast to Manchester. The majority of the content will need to be done in the studio with the programme rejecting down the line. The tone-of-voice will be much more ‘punterish‘ and celebrities won’t be welcome.

The changing face of broadcast

Jaqui Devereux’s overview of community media was ideal for those PRs looking at areas such as healthcare behavioural change and reaching ethnic minorities.

The changing face of broadcast
First News business overview was interesting for a number of reasons:

  • The size of the team that they have working online versus the amount of reader-generated content they receive to moderate
  • The desire to create shareable content
  • The use of the interactive whiteboard as a platform
  • The challenge of being a media which is a professional tool, but managing to appeal to young consumers
  • The use of iPads to surf the site by children further enforces the view of the iPad as a communal device

The changing face of broadcast

Margaret Sawdon’s personal view of media proliferation was interesting, particularly when one heard about the evolution of GMTV’s digital strategy. The power of affiliate deals are so often overlooked now.