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Rust problem means ID cards are not so smart | – premature oxidation on smart-card contacts are crippling a small but significant amount of Hong Kong ID cards. Apparently the residual acid in a leather wallet may be enough in some cases (pay wall)

placr Tube Performance map – beautiful granular rendition of current tube train performance

QUIZ: Who Are The 3 Most Popular Musical Acts Of The Digital Age? – no Beatles, no Stones interestingly. I guess that’s why record labels are screwed?

Tesla vs Top Gear: Andy Wilman on our current legal action – Is it really that smart for PHA Media to take Tesla as a client given how beloved Clarkson & Co. are to the silent majority in the UK? Personally I’d rather represent an arms dealer or a tobacco company

Caterina Fake on Stepping into the Unknown – nice interview with Caterina Fake

Ballmer: Had To Make Windows The Center Of Microsoft’s Tablet Strategy – interesting analysis on Microsoft strategy

Young web users warned over details they post online | Irish Examiner – in the UK, the warning would be about pedophiles, in Ireland it’s about journalists getting hold of your information. It says a lot about the perception of journalism as a profession and Irish cynicism about authority figures in general

What’s the Most Influential Media Organization in the World? | Ketchum Blog – I wonder how these citation measures will change with paywalls? The power of the BBC as an agenda setter out-ranks CNN and yet the libservatives sliced into the BBC World Service

Abercrombie & Fitch Wins Hong Kong Retail Bidding War Over Shanghai Tang « Jing Daily – interesting move, but eye-watering rental price. Will A&F misjudge Hong Kong as badly as they did Tokyo?

Japanese homebrew analogue TV set – Japan is turning off analogue TV in July, but this reproduction of the original post-war sets that NHK used to test TV signals is awesome and a beautiful object in its own right

PS3 global userbase overtakes Xbox 360 – not that the hype would have you believe this of course

VCs Looking For “Curation” Startups – Is A Curation Bubble Forming? | SiliconANGLE – back in the day this was called social search and social bookmarking