Links of the day | 在网上找到

Pencil Bench, furniture design – sweet design thanks to Becky for flagging this up to me

Asiajin » Nifty To Shut Off Podcasting Juice, A Podcasting Portal

LV Gives Users Insider Access – Luxury Insider – interesting move to replicate boutique exclusivity online

Twitter to offer brands Facebook-style pages Marketing magazine

Public Relationships: Some thinking on social media and digital in Asia

Videoconferences Are Awkward and Not Super Useful, Right? MIT’s Kinect Hack Can Help | Fast Company – really nice way of changing the context for video conferences and pretty cool as well

HP Loses VP of Product Management for webOS to Numenta | AllThingsD – Numenta is an interesting set of ideas, is it coming to fruition soon?

Managing in Asia: Agence France-Presse News Chief Emmanuel Hoog Pushes Multimedia – – embracing social media blah, blah, blah. The real interesting bit about this story is that the WSJ is interviewing AFP

Android is a mess, say developers – Apple 2.0 – Fortune Tech – fragmentation: no real surprise

Long-Term Consumer Outlook For China Luxury – Forbes – the one that scares me is the lower middle classes who would look to buy luxury goods on credit. That’s a dangerous precedent. Forbes distilled down findings from Tapping China’s luxury-goods market – McKinsey Quarterly

Important Notice | Mister Wong – charging to try and prevent spammers

gorkanapr – Simon Kelner interviewed about i newspaper

The Communication Paradox | Monday Note – interesting perspective on the state of PR in technology companies. Of course it fails to mention the countless meetings that you have to have with internal clients

Most Fortune 50 Brands Still Hiding Their Social Media | Advertising Age – its probably not hidden, its probably a turf war

The Engadget Team Is Starting A New Tech Blog Under SB Nation – low barriers to entry

Anorak News » 18 Black Paedophiles ‘Rape’ Hispanic Child: New York Times Blames Victim – interesting analysis of controversial  US news story compared to the way the UK media would have approached it

Just got promoted? How not to blow it – Ask Annie – Fortune Management – good solid advice

Saudi Airlines Shows Pirated Film to Passengers | TorrentFreak – non DRM files easier to handle?

YouTube – LCD Soundsystem’s last show in all its glory. Arcade Fire guesting! – Arcade Fire have put the all of the final LCD Soundsystem gig up on YouTube; All 3 hours of it! – reminds me of the way the Grateful Dead allowed their bootlegs to be made and put up on