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Does social media marketing actually work? | VentureBeat – the one percent traffic number sounds very low to me

Etail’s creeping influence on retail (and you) | – the user experience and colour scheme at Net-a-Porter is influencing designers choice of colours

Nokia Hit With Ratings Downgrade From Moody’s | AllThingsD – not really surprising I don’t think that anyone at Nokia is under any illusion at the challenge that faces them

Burberry To Join China’s Digital Revolution With Beijing Fashion Bash « Jing Daily – complex distribution and a fast-growing market has forced fashion houses to embrace much faster than they previously had

Hermes, Brioni & Versace Rank Highest in Prestige: Luxury Institute – Luxury Insider – I love prestige as a brand measure. Sounds better than reputation

Shelf Porn Courtesy of Sense Worldwide & Vitsoe – Sense Worldwide – immensely jealous

Goodbye PollDaddy… Facebook introduces questions and polling – Sense Worldwide

Microsoft: Debating Whether To Open More Stores – can’t really understand this as distribution isn’t a problem that Microsoft has to address

[Phone Interview] – brilliant idea, big shout to Dan for flagging this up to me

Ships Captain’s Medical Guide – one of the occasional times when governments come up with fantastic useful, well-thought communications

Social media case study: Tesco’s social media vacuum | FreshNetworks blog – genius. Customers exploit arbitrage opportunity

Richard Edelman – 6 A.M.: The New York Times: Digital Strategy, Not Wall

Ten ways marketers can use QR Codes | Econsultancy

Global Facebook Statistics – Infographic – iCrossing – handy slideware material

Rooftop Cinema HK – as if you’d need another excuse to visit Hong Kong’s Fringe Club

Asiajin » Japanese Government Opens Social Media(=Twitter) Guide Site For Public Organizations

Introducing Suwappu! | Dentsu London – really interesting web-of-no-web work

Stiglitz: wealth concentration will be America’s downfall – Boing Boing

I, Cringely » Blog Archive » Geeks like me: What’s Engadget really worth? – buy editors not the brands that they work for

Kleiner Perkins Pumps $20 Million Into China’s Luxury Shopping Site – competes with tourist trips to Hong Kong

Digital Pharma: UK gets social media guidance | InPharm

Brands face China pressure: – domestic brands coming to the fore

Working Drawing House by Nervegna Reed Architecture | Design Milk

Nokia confirms Symbian no longer open source – The H Open Source – probably part of their deal with Microsoft

FBI Crowdsources Cryptography in Murder Mystery | Fast Company

America 2049: A Star-Studded Facebook Game That’s Ambitiously All Over the Place | Fast Company – awesome site that reminds me of Majestic

Nail-polish Services, Navigation Systems May be Added to South Korea’s Inflation Index. – WSJ – modern-day life

Hackers target Sony sites and its top executives | VentureBeat

Propagation Planning: Kraft Mac & Cheese Twitter TV [Article]

Long-term capitalism | McKinsey & Company – pretty much straight out of Will Hutton’s The State We’re In published in the early 1990s

Facebook innovation – measurement, metrics and brand strategy | FreshNetworks blog – nice overview

100 UK Startups – Founding and Funding – broadstuff – something that the government’s innovation drive will have to deal with Breakfast with iPad 2 – Christian Lindholm discusses how the iPad has changed his media consumption

China’s “Linkedin” clones: Ushi vs. Tianji. — Resonance China

Comparing International Social Media to China local counterparts. — Resonance China

Why Nikesh Arora Will Be Next to Go at Google – Forbes – not terribly surprising

Women’s retail report: changes ahead? | – change in behaviour due to reduced time to market?

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