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MinimalWall | Your Desktop, simplified. – I love these wallpapers

Google Tests a Search Option for Definitionsbeing useful

Make: Online | Untouched By Human Hands – wabi sabi | 侘寂

Risks to Gartner’s smartphone forecasts | Trends in the Living Networks – Will Microsoft beat Apple, Nokia execute, and Samsung fail? I am not convinced that Samsung will fail and Nokia executing is a high-risk bet at the moment

Is this overload? 9.57 zettabytes of information flows in the world’s enterprises | Trends in the Living Networks – amazing data explosion, but how much of it is used smartly?

Here’s Why iPhone Marketshare Might Be Bigger Than You Think* – not comparing like user behaviours when relying on traffic metrics to gauge marketshare

10 Things You NEED to Do if You Were Hired Today Altucher Confidential

Apple’s Secret Weapon | Aaker on Brands – Robert X. Cringely talked in his book Accidental Empires about the technology business being like waves. The analogy being that only the surfer who catches the wave at the right time can get the best ride out of it

Chickileaks: McDonald’s and a Strange Farm-Fresh Chicken Campaign in China | Fast Company – the emphasis on safety goes back to the reasons why brands in consumer goods first started up as a trust mark for quality and safety

YouTube – desperados’s Channel – really nice interactive YouTube takeover

IBM’s graphene transistors pave way for commercial production – Smaller and faster, but won’t work in PC yet | TechEye – continuing Moore’s Law?

BlackBerry Aims to Simplify Dialing In to Conference Calls | AllThingsD – smartest move out of Blackberry in a while

Design Thinking Is A Failed Experiment. So What’s Next? | Co.Design – argument over design thinking is almost as overblown as who owns social media

BUTTER YOUTH CONFERENCE XI: HAPPINESS IS… | China Youth Watch – about young entrepreneurship

Experian Hitwise – The changing facets of social shopping online

Blue Rubicon :: Cooking up a view of the consumer – interesting talk by Experian on marketing and data