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iPad Extreme Sleeve™ | G-Form – the material on this is impressive, but I like the sci-fi armour look of it as well

n+1: Behold the Koreans – the rise of the Korean motor industry in the US

Below the Fold: Social Distortion: Why PRSA and other Legacy Organizations Have Lost Their Relevance – oh how I laughed when I read this

The New Yorker Puts Jonathan Franzen Story Behind a Wall of Likes – got to be dodgy from an ethical point of view?

Business Daily:  – Opinion & Analysis |Benefits of social media in marketing overstated – interesting take on PepsiCo’s move into social

Asian Companies Wary of Social Media – – not comfortable with limelight, wary of losing face and ‘launch and abandon’ campaign tactics. Consumers on the other hand are particularly active in South Korea and China

HIDDEN HEROES – beautiful site

Journalists on Facebook | Facebook – interesting initative to engage with journalists and their audiences

HOW TO: Score a Job at a Creative Agency – common sense advice but worth repeating

Why Facebook open-sourced its datacenters – Simon Willison wraps a bit of smart analysis around this

Rupert Murdoch Asked Gordon Brown To Help Weaken NoTW Phone Hacking Investigations: The Observer – but what was the benefit to the Brown administration?

Macne Nana, the Mac version of Vocaloid | – based on voice artists, it sounds like Cher on helium autotuned out of existence

乐魔库 for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store – LOMOKR is a Chinese version of Instragram

Forrester Says Facebook Commerce Won’t Take Off – does it need to?

The rise of polyester | – its not cheap and if made well feels better than natural fabrics