Foursquare’s future or Color’s pivot

Reading Time: < 1 minute

I came across this video from students at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University school of design for a notional mobile web service that they call Experience Sharing.

What I found interesting from the video is the way it incorporates and builds on ideas that Foursquare only hints at. For instance grouping check-ins into journeys or experiences rather than looking them at the venue level, which adds an extra level of meaning to the check-ins.

The notion of sharing with friends rather than random strangers seemed to chime with the way early adopters were tricking and moulding Color into pairing with their social network rather than people who were locatively similar.

Experience Sharing by the nature of its design was not always-on lifestreaming, but instead a deliberate act to augment the user’s real-world experience. I also like that the user is offered a web interface for editing later on as well, similar in concept to what mobile flickr users can do via