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2011: The Year the Check-in Died – personally think that this is more about how you wrap the check-in rather than the check-in itself

DMC World Championship blog – back once again feels weird that its not Technics. Panasonic just bled the community and then bailed on it

A5: All Apple, part mystery – interesting analysis of Apple’s A5 silicon

Yahoo’s Board Meets to Discuss a Variety of Pressing Issues | AllThingsD – I should feel bad about this, but now I just feel saddened by the inevitability of it all

Facebook Admins Can Now Unban Commenters – handy for taking the heat out of flame wars

MIT Convergence Culture Consortium: Why your brand doesn’t need Bieber – ‘Even Bieber cannot live on social alone’

Japanese graphic design from the 1920s-30s ~ Pink Tentacle – stunned at how fresh many of these designs look

CISCO KILLS THE FLIP CAMERA – a million bloggers cry

What Lucky People Do Different

I, Cringely » Blog Archive » Larry Page’s running start: but is he running in the right direction? – chris dixon’s blog / Google’s social strategy – interesting analysis

Michael Geist – India Will Not Accept IP Talks Outside of WTO

URL Shorteners and SEO, According to Google | WebProNews

Best Buy Forces Customer To Buy Service Plan To Get An iPad 2 Out Of Storage

FACEBOOK LAWSUIT: Paul Ceglia Files New Evidence In Claim He Owns 50% Of The Company

Flickr: BEAMS STYLE’s Photostream – love it

Watchmakers may not be Swiss enough to scale barriers | – Swatch and Richemont using lobbying to squeeze out smaller players in the swiss timepiece marketplace

Camera prices rise after earthquake | – seems to be counter-intuitive

“Big Content” Is Strangling American Innovation – Harvard Business Review