Hong Kong Honey creating total confusion

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Thanks to Mark Pinsent for flagging up this beautifully shot video about beekeeping in Hong Kong. The film was produced for Nokia to help promote the E7 business phone. The first thing I noticed was the soundtrack seemed to have at least a nod to the brooding string stab-filled music that Wong Kar Wai put in his films In The Mood For Love and 2046 by Michael Galasso and Umebayashi Shigeru respectively. It seems to have become the internal soundtrack for creative types visiting Hong Kong.

Secondly the video colour seems to have been tweaked to make it look like vintage film stock. What was more interesting was the comments that the video received on the YouTube channel

so…is this ad practically saying that they filmed this story and perhaps edited it with the Nokia E7 Smartphone? and did the guy, who is a product designer, help to design the E7 Smartphone? I think this is the moral of the story…


I enjoyed watching the video, but what’s HK or HK Honey got to do with anything ’bout Nokia phones? o_o

XBaraSushiXkmyX 1 day ago

However, I do very like the idea to have bee farm on the roof top.

jackura 1 day ago

i am from HK.

jackura 1 day ago

@jackura you been to hk?
jimbobhk2009 1 day ago

HK is too small to talk about BEE FARM!!!

jackura 2 days ago

Why the foreign always filming HK like the 70s????


Amazing!! I love this so much. I heart Hong Kong! Although Hong Kong is surrounded by mountains, it is true that inside the city there are very few parks or open natural spaces. The city of lights for ever!

Two myths this video peddles:

1. “Hong Kong is the city that never sleeps”. Most stuff is shut by about 12, only a few nightclubs and one or two dim sum restaurants stay open later. Hong Kong at 1-2 am is as quiet as most other cities.

2. “There aren’t that many green spaces within the city”. Hong Kong is about 70% parkland, there is lots of space, land is just very expensive so buildings are tall.

Cool story, but what the hell has this advert got to do with a bloody phone?

I love HK. I miss it. Best place in the world no matter where i’ve lived.
cero10 1 week ago

What is the name and artist of the song starting at 00:50? I really like it
omfgsjoc 1 week ago

Confusion rather than engagement ensued.