Content as advertainment | 有趣的广告内容

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Back when the web was like drinking treacle through a straw, BMW put a series of mini films featuring Clive Owen online directed by different film-makers under an umbrella title of The Hire.

Since then luxury brands have put these productions in play to tell the story around their brands and engage audiences online.

In China, it is increasingly mainstream brands that are doing this as well. The video above is from MG Cars now owned by a Chinese company. It features an MG 3 super-mini sized car in the middle of a love story featuring Taiwanese actress Kwai Lun Mei | 桂綸鎂. And if it reminds you of a chocolate box version of Europe, that’s probably because the production crew are trying to give it a veneer of class and sophistication. European wine appreciation is now an established Chinese middle-class past time.