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Fantazia – An inside view: Hardcore Heaven Weekender cancelled is this a rave dip? – I find the idea of a 5-year cultural cycle interesting

NegativWorldWideWebLand Home – Negativland’s website

D&AD white pencil: The 2012 Brief

J-List side blog: About The Japanese Staff of J-List – surprised by the way foreigners see Japan

Pop Market: Exclusive Daily Deals for Music and Entertainment – interesting retailing concept

David Griffith, SVP Marketing At Sony Music Entertainment, Leads The Launch Of Flash-Sale Site Pop Market – not sure about the execution but I do think that there is value in artifacts as products for niche collector markets

Ireland calls for internet as a human right by law | TechEye – ORG says internet as important as gas and water

Microproject / Mikroprojekt – really nice project management service

South Korea says Android isn’t open – Top outfit HN claims | TechEye – Google looking more like Microsoft and Apple

TechEye Bible: Ye Booke of Ballmer – Where King Ballmer doth bellow | TechEye – as Jed Hallam would say ‘actual LOL’

A woman sexually assaulted by a date is suing the site – TNW Industrythe woman’s lawyer, Mark Webb has held a press conference and revealed that his client wants the site to use credit card information to check for sexual crimes, “When somebody uses their credit card to pay, [ should] basically run the card through a sexual offender database”

BlackBerry Playbook: How did Research in Motion lose its way? – Slate Magazine – is this as much about customer targeting as product?

Adobe throws in towel, adopts HTTP Live Streaming for iOS

Five Must-Have Characteristics of Nonprofit Mobile Websites « Nonprofit Tech 2.0 Blog

MeeGo head says LG signing on despite Nokia backing away | Electronista – Nokia moving out gives more head space for other people. I find it interesting that the Chinese equipment manufacturers including ZTE are involved

Baidu Entering Microblogging Market With Upcoming Launch Of Baidu Weibo | DigiCha – interesting that Baidu is allowing customers to update their microblog feeds through the Baidu search box

China Steps Up Rhetoric on Real Estate Price Controls – WSJ – part of economic restructure / growth process

Intel: Betting Against Windows With Android Move

IABUK : Nearly a third of students follow brands – Facebook blah blah blah