Environmentalists need to rethink activism

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Ogilvy have published some interesting research on green issues, consumer behaviours and attitudes.

What I find fascinating is the extent of the failure of the environmental movement exemplified by Greenpeace to beat, bully and guilt the public into more green-friendly behaviours and attitudes. Whilst activism has undoubtedly changed the behaviour and attitudes of large corporates and this has to be welcomed, the environmental groups themselves are now dangerously exposed.

The Mr Splashy Pants incident was a shot across the bows of the movement and environmental groups can no longer play fast and loose with the truth as social media allows their opponents and targets to strike back fast and hard. Given the dogmatic nature of the movement, I am quite confident that this post will pick up a negative reaction; but this blindness is just the kind of reaction that leaves the movement open to trolling and a social media backlash.

Maybe, the way forward is more pragmatic voices like Stewart Brand, James Lovelock and Patrick Moore.