#momolo: Mobile Monday demo night notes | 手机应用示范笔记

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Last night was the spring edition of Mobile Monday London’s famous demonstration nights and there was an interesting mix of products, software and services on display.
Mobile Monday London spring demo evening
Intel demonstrated their application store which sounded similar to others in terms of terms and conditions. One thing I got a sense of from them is that they are more determined to make MeeGo a success to spite Nokia. The demonstrations they had running looked more polished than demos of the RIM PlayBook the month before.

Threedom was an interesting experiment in inclusive design.

QRpedia was less of a business and more of a duh why hadn’t anyone else thought of putting QRcodes more effectively with Wikipedia.

Swiftkey and the later Nuance demonstrations were about information input for the Android platform which made me think that the user experience design for input must be broken.
Mobile Monday London spring demo evening
Kineto’s idea of piggy-backing on wi-fi was something that I found interesting. But I didn’t feel entirely convinced mainly because pretty much all the wi-fi networks I come across are locked down.

Insiteo’s indoor location play seemed equal parts science fiction and Big Brother. However if it can help me successfully navigate Selfridges I’d be sold.

Natural Motion’s demo of  virtual reality through a screen using the gyroscope on an iPad was impressive despite my dislike for games.

Parcel Genie’s real-world gifting was an e-commerce twist on the real-would voucher gifting that Asian social networks like Daum have been doing for years.

Mindings is a Chumby-like platform based on Android with a healthcare spin on things, allowing accessibility to social content for older people and e-health applications.