The royal wedding post

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Working in the west end I live in a media bubble and its very easy to ironic and consequently down in a Nathan Barley-esque way on everything that the average person likes. So I was curious to know what the feeling was about the forthcoming royal wedding. So I hit some free social media tools to get the low down.

SocialMention told me that there was a post appearing once every 73 seconds or so on the social web, it was interesting that some of the main contributors were CBS (the US TV channel) and AP (Associated Press). This probably explains the largely neutral tone of the content involved.
Digging into these posts a little more by using Trendistic, I noticed that the ebbs and peaks in Twitter conversations referencing the royal wedding seemed to fit in with UK time.
royal wedding tweets JPG
So what does the world wide interest look like, is it only the US media companies that bought the TV rights that are interested? What about the American consumer?
Popularity by region
Looking at the data from Google Trends, this appears to be a Commonwealth affair. I was mildly surprised by the comparatively high level of interest in Ireland and I am sure that the Australia’s relatively low showing would warm the cockles of my former colleague Nick Osborne’s socialist progressive republican heart.
Another aspect of particular interest was the wide divergence between interest and level of news coverage (the bottom graph) provided by the media. Is social media filling in the hype cycle where media has missed out?