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Microsoft Revises Pay Plan | John Paczkowski | AllThingsD – stagnant share price means people want cold hard cash

Top Internet Properties in Vietnam – shows that Google may be upping their game against Yahoo!’s rare success story in Southeast Asia

3 Major Issues with the Latest iPhone Tracking “Discovery” | Alex Levinson – that blows the Guardian story then, but the open source utility is pretty darned cool

TelecomTV | Nokia loses more market share and deserts platform a year before the next gravy train could arive – looking like a train wreck

PORSCHE DESIGN – Heritage P’6530 – colette – the one we really want them to reproduce is the Ocean 2000 Bund

Meet The Former Goldman Banker Who Just Started A Hedge Fund That Analyzes Blogs – scary?

How to measure Facebook page engagement

Non-iPhone owners more likely to own iPad in Europe, says research |

China’s Service Sector Will Reign. Part XXI. The USCBC Confirms It. : China Law Blog

Chinese Commercial Law Books In English. The Good Ones. : China Law Blog

Yahoo! jacks data retention from 90 days to 18 months • The Register – well I guess they have to do something with all the storage and servers they had for search

The Yahoo Search Revenue Disaster – consistent decline, however I am not convinced that the answer is this: Microsoft-Yahoo collaboration hits a snag; Microsoft adCenter shortcomings cited | ZDNet

How Far Off Are Local Chinese Luxury Brands? « Jing Daily – lack of local competition has meant artificially high prices in the Chinese market

30th Annual Hong Kong Film Awards Celebrate “Cantonese Identity” « Jing Daily – industry standing firm in the face of Mainland Chinese influence

E-Cig Maker Develops Foursquare-Style Check-In For Hookup Hunting Nicotine Addicts | Fast Company

ABC Cancels Soaps, Hoover Immediately Pulls Advertising – really smart campaign by Hoover

10 presentations to help you become a digital planning genius | Econsultancy

Open Rights Group | Judicial Review: initial reaction – judge couldn’t find enough reason to throw it out. That’s the UK screwed then

UK retail habits evolve: News from – going direct to manufacturer

BBC Internet Blog: BBC Digital Public Space project – culture and arts interface

British government presses ahead with web filter plans – Even if they don’t think it will work | TechEye

Rich Kids Won’t Inherit as Much as They Think – WSJ – interesting generational attitude clash

Samsung Has Been Copying Everyone Forever, Not Just Apple – this is likely to tarnish Samsung’s brand as innovator regardless of what the trial says

Sony to Roll Li-ion Battery Module Using LiFePO4 — Tech-On!

Chinese Citizens on Tour in Europe : The New Yorker

Facebook – are your friends ignoring you? – michelle goodall’s posterous

The end of “rare” music and other digitizable media – Boing Boing – curious dichotomy that the music industry needs to deal with. Also there is a lack of joy in collecting digital things and discovering new content compared to traditional records and stores

You are listening to Deep Thought – freaking amazing mash-up. If I thought their You are listening to Montreal (police dept) was amazing, this is the nuts

Android Smartphone Share Gains Against Nokia And RIM – PSFK

How new Internet standards will deliver a mobile revolution – McKinsey Quarterly – Telecommunications – Broadband – HTML5 for C-suite techtards