Friendster changing it’s raison d’être?

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I got an email from Friendster talking about a new improved site where they would get rid of most of my profile information as part of the redesign. As far as I remember the site went through a redesign relatively recently including a new funky logo pictured.
friendster JPG
This could be a way of trying to get a handle on the number of engaged users that they have, but I think that its more likely to signal a major shift in the business model.

Those of you who don’t know who Friendster is; they were the first mainstream social network (the way we now understand them) in the US. They inspired MySpace and laid the ground for Facebook to become the omnipresent sinister web business we know and ‘love’. Like many businesses early on a technology adoption curve, they lost out on the big score; partly because they couldn’t scale their infrastructure fast enough.

However, they have managed to survive as a business, which is more than can be said for most of the services I worked on at Yahoo!.